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Direct-To-Garment Printed Face Masks | DTG G4

Custom Face Masks Sell for $15 each and cost under $2.00 to make

Face masks are officially big business, you can’t go anywhere without seeing them.

Not only are companies making them mandatory, many local governments are putting masks ordinances in place. This has led to a HUGE rise in the popularity of both fashion and branded face masks.

As part of a uniform, companies are beginning to put their logos on facemask for employees to wear. And for casual wear many people want a face mask that represents their unique style.

But here’s the thing…. Blanks are inexpensive and customization is cheap and fast… so Face masks are a BIG MONEY MAKER.

As you can see in the video, our DTG G4 is great for making custom t-shirts, but it is also a quick and easy way to print custom face masks

Let’s break down some numbers.

Custom Face Masks for Sale