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Direct-To-Garment Printed Face Masks | DTG G4

Custom Face Masks Sell for $15 each and cost under $2.00 to make

Face masks are officially big business, you can’t go anywhere without seeing them.

Not only are companies making them mandatory, many local governments are putting masks ordinances in place. This has led to a HUGE rise in the popularity of both fashion and branded face masks.

As part of a uniform, companies are beginning to put their logos on facemask for employees to wear. And for casual wear many people want a face mask that represents their unique style.

But here’s the thing…. Blanks are inexpensive and customization is cheap and fast… so Face masks are a BIG MONEY MAKER.

As you can see in the video, our DTG G4 is great for making custom t-shirts, but it is also a quick and easy way to print custom face masks

Let’s break down some numbers.

Custom Face Masks for Sale

After a quick social media poll on our Custom Apparel Facebook page, our customers are retailing custom masks anywhere from $10 to $20.

Our customers are selling large orders branded with company logos as well as one-offs. They are making BIG MONEY from custom facemask sales. Read for yourself what they have to say:

"So I jumped on this 2 months ago and have sold 10,000 custom masks."

"I have sold about 200,000 of them since end of April...received a $37,000 order today."

"I had 9 businesses hit me Friday for branded masks."

"Our wholesale clients are reselling them (masks) for $15-$20."

With this research, it’s easy to see you can get at least $15 each for a completely customized face mask.

DTG Printed Custom Face Masks – Costs to Produce

Now, on Colman and Company you can find 100% cotton masks for as little as $1.85 per mask.

For this application we also used our Alba-Bro Spray Pre-Treat. This can be found on Colman and Company for $18.95 a can. A little goes a long way so in pretreat costs you are only using about a nickel per face mask.

The DTG ink cost for this full color print is just $.04.

This means each custom mask costs you under $1.94 to produce.

And this is for a full-color print!

Total costs of goods per face mask = less than $2.00.

How much can I make selling Custom Face Masks?

The DTG G4 is FAST and with smart set up you can heat press AND print 8 masks at once. With the patented vacuum platen, loading and unload the bed is a breeze.

You can see how simple and fast it is to print ONE mask at a time. And some of our customers do just that.

But if this is going to be a big part of your business OR you get big quantity orders in, you’ll probably want to do some prep work so you can print up to 8 masks at once.

That prep work would include building a template in the RIP Pro software and marking your platen for an easy load of blanks.

Let’s say you fill the whole platen and heat press with 8 masks; all of these together will take about 3 minutes from start to finish to complete… including some wiggle room!

With this production speed you can flip the bed 20 times an hour. That means you can produce 160 face masks for just one hour of work.  

By retailing each custom face mask at just $15 a piece you generate $2,400 in revenues in just one hour!

Revenues per hour: 160 face masks per hour X $15.00/mask = $2,400.00

Materials Costs per Hour: $310.40

Remember, our cost of the blank face mask + ink + pretreat costs is $1.94.

So, 160 custom face masks is going to cost you about $310.40 in materials.

160 Face Masks per hour X $1.94/per mask = $310.40.

After subtracting the cost of goods, you can put $2,089.60 in your pocket for just ONE HOUR OF WORK!

[Even if you can’t quite pull off these speeds – even if you’re just printing ONE mask at a time – you can print about 30 masks an hour which is $360 in profit]

Custom Face Masks Return on Investment

Here’s the fun math on making custom face masks with the DTG G4:

With an average financing price of $430 a month, for our all new DTG G4 you can make your monthly payments by selling just 32 custom face masks a month.

Everything after that is profit you turn into growing your business and achieving your dreams!

People search for opportunities to start (or grow) a business. There are going to be 1000s of businesses across the country that turn something as small as a face mask, into their big dreams. Are you one of them?

The masks featured on this page are not intended for use by health care professionals and is not intended as a replacement for personal protective equipment. These make no claims of antimicrobial protection, antiviral protection, particulate filtration, or infection prevention or reduction. These products are not FDA cleared or approved. The CDC provides great information about face coverings and their uses.

The power of the DTG G4 is unmatched.

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