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TIPS For DTG Pros Present and Future

Gain knowledge of the DTG business with expertise advice from the industries top professionals in the custom t-shirt printing field.

Commercial Garment Printers

Commercial Garment Printers vs Consumer T-Shirt Machines What makes commercial direct to garment printers different? If you’ve been looking to purchase a professional garment printer,

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Custom Photo Pillowcases on the DTG G4 printer

As we shared with you earlier, your DTG G4 is not just about printing on garments, we printed on some rally towels and showed how easy to do and profitable they can be. Another idea of a non-garment application of your G4 is custom printed photo pillowcases.

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D2 Printing Is NOT Just for T-Shirts

D2 Printing is being found in lots of new places. One of our customers on the Custom Apparel Startups Facebook Group posted a photo of a quilt she made using family photos she printed on to pieces of fabric – and it looked amazing!

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