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Technology That Changes Everything

Every month you’ve waited.

Just watching others grab your share of the *10 BILLION dollar t-shirt market in the US.

You’ve sat, just watching, because DTG Printers were too hard to use.

Or because you heard that maintenance was tricky and expensive.

Because Direct to Garment printing was either just toooo slow, or too expensive at the speeds you need.

And you heard that you were tied to your printer to do maintenance every day – or ELSE.

But you can stop just sitting there on the sidelines right now – because the DTG G4 is here.

Introducing the Vacuum Platen

It’s a technological marvel designed by people who print.

They started their fresh look at DTG Printing… with YOU in mind.
with PRODUCTION in mind. 
with SPEED in mind.

  • Vacuum Bed

    Four vacuum suctions that hold the platens and shirts in place
  • Adult Vacuum Platen

    The grid design allows the vacuum to grab the shirt and hold it in place. For large designs up to 16 x 20 inches
  • Youth Vacuum Platen

    Smaller vaccum platen for youth shirts or smaller designs like left chest logos
  • Logo Illuminates Through Grid

    How cool is that!
  • We Make Printing Cool!

    Turn off the lights and watch your print job glow. (We know not necessary but why not!)
  • No Frame, No Hoops, No Tucks

    Just lay the shirt down, press a button and print. Easy on, Easy off.
  • Vacuum Bed

    Four vacuum suctions that hold the platens and shirts in place
  • Adult Vacuum Platen

    The grid design allows the vacuum to grab the shirt and hold it in place. For large designs up to 16 x 20 inches
  • Youth Vacuum Platen

    Smaller vaccum platen for youth shirts or smaller designs like left chest logos
  • Logo Illuminates Through Grid

    How cool is that!
  • We Make Printing Cool!

    Turn off the lights and watch your print job glow. (We know not necessary but why not!)
  • No Frame, No Hoops, No Tucks

    Just lay the shirt down, press a button and print. Easy on, Easy off.

The first part of printing a t-shirt is “hooping” the shirt. This is the process of putting a shirt onto a platen so it can slide into the DTG printer and receive the ink. That shirt has to be kept absolutely still.

The OLD way to do that would either to “tuck” the shirt into rubber gaskets or lay it onto a sticky surface and put a ring on the top to hold it place. Both are time consuming and frankly, skills you have to learn over time. Because if you don’t do it right it’s hard to tell until AFTER THE SHIRT IS PRINTED.

The Vacuum platen is so easy in comparison!

You simply drape the shirt over the platen. A strong vacuum holds in place.

It takes about 5 seconds to “hoop” it. And anyone can do it right!

Did you know that one of the reasons that DTG Printers used to need that daily maintenance is because of ink spray?

DTG Printers are Inkjet printers that squirt the ink directly onto the t-shirt. But not all of that ink ends up in the garment.

Some is sprayed into the air, or bounces off the shirt, and ends up on the print heads, the encoder strip – it just makes the inside of the printers a mess.

The Vacuum Platen prevents that by maintaining the vacuum the entire time it prints.

Instead of the ink spraying into the air it’s pulled down into the t-shirt where it belongs.

And what else do you think sucking more ink into the shirt does to the quality and vibrancy of the print?

The DTG G4 prints FAST.

But when every direct to garment printer manufacturer talks about how fast they print they’re measuring from once the t-shirt is actually IN the printer and the inkjets fire – until the inkjets stop.

They don’t include how much time it takes to hoop the shirt, adjust the platen height, load the design, un-hoop the shirt and cure.

We tested the difference in loading a shirt onto a platen vs laying it on the vacuum platen. Using a certified DTG Printing PRO operator to do it.

It took him a little over :15 to hoop the shirt

Then about :20 to remove the shirt (you have to be a little more careful because the ink it wet.

To compare, we grabbed a random ColDesi employee walking through the halls and it took him about 5 seconds to do each one. Lay the shirt on – :05. Take the shirt off – :05

Twenty or thirty seconds per shirt may not seem like much – but if you’re printing 1,000 shirts per month you spend an extra 5.5-6 hours just hooping!

White T-Shirt 8x10 inch design

28 seconds 600x600dpi - 2 pass
36 seconds 600x600dpi - 4 pass
48 seconds 600x1200dpi - 4 pass

Black T-Shirt 8x10 inch design

70 seconds 600x600dpi - 4 pass
101 seconds 600x600dpi - 8 pass
131 seconds 600x1200dpi - 4 pass

Print Queue is The Easiest way to Print. Period.

The Print Queue and Control panel on the new G4 is a PRODUCTIVITY breakthrough.

It allows you to do things that you would just assume any printer can do. But they can’t.

And once you see it and experience how it works you’ll wonder how it was ever any different.

In the old days if you want to print 10 shirts on most DTG printers you would have to open the file in the RIP software, go over to your printer and load the shirt, then go back to your computer screen and hit Print.

Then you would have to do that again.

And again.

9 more times.

The G4 is different.

Sure, you can send your print file over to the G4 via an ethernet cable. And then the onboard memory stores that design.

So in order to do that 10 shirt order you would go to your computer, pull up the design and hit print.

Then once shirt #1 prints you remove it, place another shirt on the vacuum platen (5 seconds), then open the design ON THE PRINTER and print again.

And repeat that 9 more times.


Did you notice the back and forth time you’re saving by not having to pull up and print the design from computer every single time?

Afterwards that design, and an additional 19 more, are stored in the printer memory – and the full color control panel gives you an IMAGE of the graphic. So if you come back tomorrow to print one more, you just look for the image and push the print button again.

The G4’s Print Queue function will store up to 20 designs, with images, in the memory of the printer.

[Imagine taking the printer on the road or putting in a kiosk]

You can lock in your most popular designs into memory too, so your best customers will never have to wait while you find and load a design, and your most popular sellers will always be at your fingertips.

But that’s ethernet cable isn’t your only option.

Load up your print files onto a regular USB drive and plug into the control panel and those designs become scrollable inside the Print Queue. You won’t get visuals of the graphics, but imagine having HUNDREDS of t-shirt designs at your fingertips – ready to print – with NO COMPUTER NEEDED!

What do you think does to your t-shirt producing productivity time every day?

Of course, the Print Queue and Control Panel don’t do anything to actually reduce maintenance.

But it is responsible for communicating the printers needs with you, the owner/operator. And it does a fantastic job of it.

The control panel will tell you when it’s time to agitate the white ink cartridges.

It will display the ink levels in each of the CMYKWW cartridges.

You’ll be notified when it’s time to clean the system yourself AND when it’s doing its automatic cleaning. And it has a temperature and humidity gauge built in so you’ll know for sure that you’re operating within recommended parameters.

The G4 Inks That Change Everything

132 Years

That’s how long Kodak© has been in the beautiful image business.

And they’ve worked closely with ColDesi to develop the Direct to Garment Printer Inks that power the G4. It’s a merging of technology, chemistry and production expertise that has resulted in the best DTG Printer on the market.

And that Ink touches every part of the printing process to make it great.

G4 Inks come in 200ml, sealed, degassed ink cartridges.

There are no bottles to fill. No mess to clean up.

And you know how you know if your inks are low? The control panel TELLS you.

You DO have to give the white ink cartridges a little shake occasionally, like you do with any white ink cartridge. The control panel will prompt you, and you only have to give each White Ink Cartridge about 10 shakes.

That’s compared to some other DTG Printers on the market that require you to shake the white ink cartridges ONE HUNDRED TIMES…. Each.

The Kodak powered G4 Inks only need that small amount of care because of superior chemistry.

So no spills, no mess, no ink to clean up and you can stack and store your inks easily. If you run out just slide in a new cartridge and when you’re low or you need to maintain your white ink, the system tells you.

That’s all easy, right?

Technologically superior inks that work better with the specific print head jet better and appears brighter and more vibrant – especially on light colored shirts.

Therefore, you can print using a lower resolution and still get a great result.

Being able to print graphics your customers will love at lower resolutions mean you can print faster – more shirts an hour – a higher production speed.

The Kodak developed G4 Inks work so well with the G4 Printer that the daily maintenance of yesterday’s DTG printers is long gone.

Better inks mean less head cleanings.

Better inks mean less automated maintenance.

Better inks mean you can leave the printer alone for 30 days at a time – not printing – and when you come back you can just start printing again.

Everything you wanted in a direct to garment printer


Startup Package

$ 19,999
  • DTG G4 Printer
  • DTG Starter Inks
  • Training & Support


Maximum Print Size 16 x 20 inches
Print Head 4 x Ricoh Piezo (CMYK + W)
Nozzle Dedicated to Color 192 nozzles per color
Nozzle Dedicated to White 768 nozzles (192 x 4)
Maximum Print Resolution - Color 1200 x 1200 (16 pass)
Ink Cartridge 200ml Cartridge with encrypted chip
Ink Cartridge Configuration 6 Cartridges (CMYKWW)
Maximum Ink Drop Size Up to 37pl
Print Speed
(actual printing times for 10 x 8 inch design)
Fast - 28 sec (CMYK)/ 55 sec (CMYK+W)
Normal - 53 sec (CMYK)/ 102 sec (CMYK+W)
Quality - 79 sec (CMYK)/ 165 sec (CMYK+W)
User Interface 7" Touch Resistive Display (Android ICS 4.03)
Table Height Adjustment Automatic
Standard Connectivity 10/100 Base T Ethernet
Power AC 100V or AC 200V
Size and Weight 53.5 x 38.5 x 18.3 inches / 216 lbs

PTM Automatic PreTreat Machine

87% of DTG Printer buyers choose this one most important accessory as part of their initial puchase;

The PTM Machine

Every DTG printed shirt needs to be pretreated. Today’s fabrics, even 100% cotton t-shirt material, is different than was in years past. They’re treated for moisture wicking, stain resistance and more – and all of that resists printing on the shirt!

Pre-treatment is a liquid that’s sprayed onto the shirt that acts like a primer does when you paint. It simply gets the shirt ready to accept the BEAUTIFUL digital print that’s coming it’s way. 

The PTM Automatic sprayer is like a spray booth just for preparing your shirts for print. The alternative is to use a hand sprayer, which is less expensive, but gives you inconsistent results, must be done in an open, ventilated area away from the printer, and involves some serious clean up. 

The automatic sprayer ensures a professional, consistent spray every time – and you can operate it anywhere. Like a kiosk, back bedroom, busy shop or retail store. Talk to us about why so many of our customers add PTM to their first order!


Bundle Pricing Available

$ 3,990
  • Easy spray brass nozzles
  • Selector switch for 2 to 4 pretreatment options
  • Rotating shirt platen for easy load
  • Enclosed spray area

G4 DTG Print Heads/Dampers

A world first! Each print head on the G4 DTG has a damper reservoir with 2 sensors that measure the temperature and volume of the ink and adjusts the waveform to suit the inks. By adjusting the wave form to the ink by individual colour and each individual head, the G4 DTG delivers minimal nozzle deflection with a superior ink flow, maintaining a precise viscosity equilibrium at all print head nozzles simultaneously.

The G4 DTG dampers are designed as an automated de-bubbling system, an industry first that is not seen on any other printer. The dampers are pressurized so any excess air in the system is automatically released via a built in plunge diaphragm. This equates to less air in the production cycle and drastically reduces drying time for pigmented inks.

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