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As we shared with you earlier, your DTG G4 is not just about printing on garments, we printed on some rally towels and showed how easy to do and profitable they can be. Another idea of a non-garment application of your G4 is custom printed photo pillowcases.

The market for these is very broad. The pillowcases could have a picture of a loved one who is in the military and deployed, a favorite picture of family or a pet, or even a picture of a boyfriend or girlfriend. The list goes on and on. A quick search online shows that these type pillows range from about $18-30 each – mostly depending on the quality of the pillowcase itself. A closer look reveals that a large percentage of these custom pillowcases are actually made from a polyester or nylon material and are done by sublimation. While sublimation does a beautiful job in reproducing colors, it requires a synthetic material like polyester or nylon in order to deliver the best results. Pillowcases made from these materials generally do not absorb moisture and can be uncomfortable to sleep on.

Cotton is the most popular material for pillowcases and it is also the best material to print to with a direct to garment printer like the DTG G4. Searching online turns up prices from about $4-10 each for good quality pillowcases with really good ones (higher thread count) ranging up $13-15 each. For the sake of our example here we will base things on the middle of material cost and retail price. So, our pillowcase would cost $7 and retail for $24 based on the numbers above.

The images we test printed ranged from 10-40¢ each to print. We will use the higher number. Print times on these designs we typically under a minute. Comfortably one operator with one heat press, one pretreatment machine and a DTG G4 could generate 20-30 of these per hour. Time to work out the numbers:


$7 per pillowcase, 40¢ for ink
$1 each for labor (based on $20-30 per hour for labor which is a bit high)

Total cost per pillowcase, including labor:



$24 per pillowcase
Gross profit (including labor) per pillowcase: $15.60

Gross profit (including labor) per hour:

$312-468 per hour

You can generate over $300 profit (after labor) per hour on your DTG G4 by printing custom pillowcases!

DTG printing is not just about t-shirts anymore. Think outside the box (of t-shirts that is) and you can open all sorts of new revenue streams for your business with your DTG G4 printer.