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The 2x T-Shirt Printing Bundle

Combining Your T-Shirt Printing Tools to Generate HUGE Profits

The math is undeniable; you will be more successful and reach your goals faster if you give your customers more opportunities to buy from you.

Does that make sense?

So, you have the idea for a custom t-shirt printing business.

Maybe it’s a specific niche market or different kind of apparel. Or maybe you’re starting your own brand with hopes and dreams for it grow the same way FUBU or Under Armor has.

No SINGLE Option Seems Right

You’ve heard that sublimation t-shirt printing can’t do cotton tees or dark colored performance wear. And that if you want to offer promo products like coffee mugs or coasters, you’ll have to buy special blank items.

You have looked at screen printing, but the amount of space you need, the set-up time and mess is just not worth it unless you’re going to START by doing hundreds of the same 1 or 2 color designs.

HTV or heat transfer vinyl is great if you only want one color at a time and don’t mind weeding.

Maybe you’ve also heard that professional direct to garment printing (DTG) has the most amazing quality t-shirt printing abilities, low cost for ink, and will print LARGE sizes, but it can’t do dark polyester.

And that t-shirt transfer printing systems like the Digital HeatFX white toner system is more expensive to print with but can print on light or dark, cotton or polyester.

COMBINE for Profit…

Since each system has their pros and cons, we decided to put together TWO systems that will ensure you can answer “YES” to just about any customer t-shirt printing job.

#1: M2 Direct to Garment T-Shirt Printing Machine

Say YES to just about ANY full-color design with the DTG M2 Printer – and your customers will be 100% AMAZED at the beautiful digital print quality of the image.

That’s what makes them want to buy again and again.

You want your customers to be WOWED by your quality images, the crisp logos, the sharp family photos or the designs you create.

Take a look at the video here:

What else makes the M2 a vital part of this t-shirt printing dream team?

  • You’ll make more money off every shirt. The ink cost is so low – under $.50 for this amazing print – and the quality so good that you can’t help but make a great profit. Most DTG printed shirts sell for $15-$25 each. Do some math!
  • Offering really big prints for really big shirt sizes is a really big money-maker and can win you customers for life! The M2 will print up to 16.5” x 24”. Do you have any XXXL or bigger customers? Your customers will love you for making designs THEIR size.
  • We call it “interface time.” You’ll probably call it the ability to get things done. The M2 will let you print 1, 2 or even four designs at the same time. Have two adult shirts you need to print? NP, load up two shirts and walk away. Make a call, do an invoice, put the kids to bed. Because the M2 is so flexible, you can maximize the time you spend doing what you need to do instead of babysitting the printer or press.

Direct to garment printing has been the pro’s choice for over a decade because it’s fast, there’s no set up of screens, and you can turn just about any high-quality graphic into a beautiful custom t-shirt.

There are a few areas that are out of bounds with this system ass well.  It doesn’t do so well printing on dark polyesters and other synthetic fabrics.  Also, while it can print some promotional products that are made of natural materials, like tiles and canvas, it’s not ideal for promos.

It’s also not awesome for printing on caps and is maybe not the BEST way to print a left chest logo because of the time involved.

#2: DigitalHeat FX T-Shirt Transfer Printing System

Say YES to almost any kind of t-shirt or promotional product and your customers will reward you by coming back again and again!

Why is the “DFX” system paired with DTG for the T-Shirt Printing Business Bundle?

Because of questions like these:

  • “Can you put the school logo on performance wear?”
  • “Do my business logo on mugs to match the polos?”
  • “Can I pick up my shirts later today?”
  • “My shirts have to be black polyester and a name brand. Can you help?”

The Digital HeatFX System has quickly become one of the most successful t-shirt printing systems because it’s so versatile.

You can create great quality, full-color transfers (that you don’t have to weed), and if you use Laser EZ Peel papers with it – you can apply that transfer to a whole bunch of different things.  *some require a special heat press

  • Light or Dark cotton t-shirts
  • Light or Dark polyester t-shirts
  • Hats and Caps*
  • Tiles
  • Bags
  • Koozies
  • Wood
  • Mugs
  • Hoodies
  • Canvas
  • Sports Balls*
  • And more…

The places where it does not do as well as DTG t-shirt printing include cost per print – where an 8×5” graphic on a white t-shirt might cost you $.25 with DTG, it will cost you closer to $2 with a white toner printer.

It also doesn’t produce the kinds of fades into anything and that fine detail you can get with DTG. The image quality is good, but there are a few sacrifices around the edges.

And, the feel of the print is the most common point of comparison; DTG can feel like nothing on a light shirt, while DFX will have a bit more of a heavy feel to it.

Just a few more benefits to Digital HeatFX:

  • You can take it to events and shows
  • Sell the transfers wholesale, so someone ELSE with a heat press can apply them
  • Print on metallic and neon paper – it looks very cool!

Combining DTG and DFX

You can probably see the reason we created this bundle. ColDesi has spent the past few years answering questions from people just like you about which is better for their business.

The best answer is BOTH.

Want to know MORE?

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