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The Most Profitable Printers in the Industry

Profits, Productivity and AMAZING Prints!

The Most Profitable Printers In The Industry


Profits, productivity and amazing Prints!

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Profits, Profits, Profits

Why You WILL Make More Money with DTG


Lowest Cost Per Print

Cost per print is one of the biggest drivers of profit for your business. The DTG digital garment printers can print at half the cost of other direct to garment brand printers.



Learn how DTG’s removable platen system and ability to print up to 4 shirts at once makes all the difference to your wallet. It’s not JUST about how many shirts you can print in an hour.


Print Quality

People will pay for beautiful graphics and there’s no question the DTG M2 prints the most beautiful images in the business. Better quality prints = better margins.


Big Prints = Big Money

The M2 will print up to 16.5 x 24″ images. That’s more than 25% larger than the competition WITH optional platens. Offer bigger prints for XL, XXL …

Profits, Increased Customer Satisfaction, Amazing Prints… DTG M-Series can help you achieve ALL three!

Just Starting A Business In Direct To Garment Printing?


Starting A Custom T-Shirt Business

Here are some things to consider before you get started in the custom printing garment business.


How to Print a Custom T-Shirt

The whole process of making a custom T-shirt with a direct to garment printer, from graphics to heat press.


DTG Income Potential - ROI

How much CAN you EARN with DTG? Learn how print times and target markets affects profits.


DTG M2 Direct to Garment Printer


The M2 is our flagship machine for printing custom t shirts, canvases, bags, and so much more.

What makes the M2 stand out is its versatile REMOVABLE platen system, large 24″ x 16″ print area, high quality printing and low cost per print.

Are you a screen printer tired of saying no to short runs? Or an entrepreneur with plans for a custom t-shirt shop or brand new product line? You are both in the right place!