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Digital Shirt Printers for T-Shirts and Clothing

Who Is Digital T-shirt Printing Good For?

Customized t-shirts and other clothing is now a BIG business. But you don’t have to be a big company to get in on the profits.

That’s because digital shirt printers have gotten just cheap enough to be a good option for home based businesses.

It used to be that you had to be able to print thousands of t-shirts at a time to have a real business. The screen-printing equipment you needed to print more than one color at a time took up tons of space, used some pretty nasty chemicals, and was very, very messy.

But now, digital printers that fit into a 10×10 back bedroom or office can do everything those big systems used to do, and more.

So who IS digital t-shirt printing good for? Anyone with an eye for design, decent credit or cash in the bank, and a willingness to what needs to be done to start and run a business.

What are Digital Shirt Printers?

A printer for T-Shirts and Clothing is a specialized full-color inkjet computer printer.

If you wanted to print a funny graphic on a piece of paper, what would you do?

1. Create the graphic

2. Load paper in your printer

3. Print

If it’s an inkjet color printer you use at home you know that the ink comes in cartridges by color. And that the colors don’t run out evenly. Sometimes you have to replace one before the rest are empty.

Now, imagine a much bigger printer – one that you put a t-shirt into instead of a piece of paper.

THAT’s what a digital shirt printer is. A large inkjet printer that prints directly onto a shirt or other garment.

Digital shirt printers are also called:

If you’re searching around the internet, those terms are used interchangeably.

Of course, a professional shirt printing machine is going to be more complicated than your home inkjet printer. And more expensive. But that should give you a good reference point.