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Finally a Direct to Garment Printer DESIGNED for Big Shops and Screen Printers.

Interchangeable Platens

Print more per hour by optimizing workflow with multiple platens.

Multi-Size Graphics

Go right from printing 4″ x 4″ left chest to all over prints with a click of the mouse.

Zero Setup Time

No screens to burn, no rolls to load, no color seps needed. Just print.

Fast Fashion

Unique beautiful prints on demand. Print one, print 12 all at once.

The DTG M6

High Volume Direct to Garment Printing,
Fast Fashion and the Biggest Print Area in the World

The M6 Industrial DTG Printing machine is the culmination of 10 years of R & D and garment printer development. It delivers the industry’s most advanced, user friendly and precise print platform specifically designed for textile applications.

More than just great technology in action, the M6 is designed for flexibility, productivity and to challenge the North American decorated apparel industry to think outside the box.


The 4-2-1 removable platen system makes the M6 the most useful, productive tool in your high volume printing, fast fashion or cut and sew operation. You will have the ability to print 3, 6 or 12 garments at once depending on design size. Or you can produce a single panel of up to 44.75″ x 29.5″.


Those 3 to 12 garments you can decorate at one time can all be the same for a large production run, or they can each be different to help fulfill your small lot run or single online orders. Set up all of your jobs in the RIP Pro C6 queue and all you will need is an operator that can load and print one profit building job after another.

Thinking Outside the Box

A 44.75″ x 29.5″ print field is enormous in the direct to garment printing world and that ability opens up a new world of opportunity for your business.

All over prints, fast fashion applications, printing custom designed panels for decorating other than apparel, towels, blankets, draperies… what can you imagine? What the next profit-building applications a powerhouse like the M6 can bring to your business?


Printhead - Piezo 180 nozzles per channel

Color - CMYK-W or Dual CMYK

Print Area - 44.75" x 29.5"

Drive - Processor driven conveyor

Inks - P30i Pigment Inks

Ink Delivery - Bottle – pressurized CYMK, Bottle – pressurized re-circulation – white (WIMS)

Operating System - Microsoft Vista, XPRIP, Windows 7-10

Electrical - 110-240VAC/10A, 50-60Hz Consumption: 55W or less, Standby -5W, Off - 1W

Physical Dimensions - 70.5"W x 49"H x 61"L

Weight - 375 lb (boxed weight will vary)


DTG RIP PRO C6 Software

RIP Pro is included with every purchase because we know what an integral part it will play in the success of your business.

DTG M6 Prints Huge!

The flexible platen system on the M6 T Shirt Printing Machine gives you the options to print all over fabric panels and XXL print designs for maximum print area on XXL and XXXL T-shirts.

Best Features

  • A new way to print – iQ Interweave – eliminates banding at all resolutions
  • Print area of 1150mm x 632mm (Max 750mm)
  • WIMS (White Ink Management System)
  • One pass enabled, increase your production output dramatically
  • Scalable production – print multiple garments at a time.
  • Intelligent integrated RIP software with patented white under-base tools
  • 46 pcl ink drop size scalable through all resolutions
  • 4-2-1 Platen System: 2 Small / 6 Adult / 3 XXL Adult
  • All over printing option

The M6 is a new standard in Industrial Direct to Garment printing in the Americas. This system has been used for several years in Europe and Asia for more commercial applications like:

• apparel manufacturing
• cut and sew
• all over printing
• custom fabric design printing
• fast fashion
• ..more..

The larger capacity, being able to print 12 images on up to 12 different garments at a time, has made it especially popular for making children’s clothing, toddlers and infants, left chests and small fabric accessory items too.

You can see a short demonstration of the M6 Dual CMYK option (no white ink) printing on 12 light colored children’s garments as well as a cut and sew application.

WIMS – White Ink Management System

What is WIMS and why is it important.

A true breakthrough is the WIMS (White Ink Management System). The patent pending WIMS system offers a manageable white ink production process that delivers superior detail, vibrancy and a level of consistency unheard of in other direct to garment printers.

Head clogging and maintenance downtime are reduced considerably by re-circulating ink via a pressurized peristaltic pump system coupled with pressure release filters and dampers. This is just one of the features that make the DTG range the best all-round white ink print system on the world market today.

Along with the WIMS re-circulation of ink via a pressurized peristaltic pump system, the DTG M Series incorporates a constant pressurized ink delivery system for colored inks as well.

Interested in a Smaller Option?

The DTG M2 is designed for small to medium sized shops.

DTG M2 POD 2 Multihead

The DTG Multihead M2 POD 2 system is two M2s networked for even more efficient production.

DTG Multihead M2 POD 4

The DTG Multihead M2 POD 4 system is four M2s networked for shops looking for the most flexible, high production option.

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