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ColDesi DTG Printer Options DK20SP Heat Press

You will need an industrial quality heat press, or TWO, to keep up with the speed and performance of the M2 or M6 Direct to Garment Printers from ColDesi.

In many cases we recommend the George Knight 16″x 20″ DK20A. It has the desired basic features – a timer, auto release so the top of the clam shell come up when the timer goes off – and of course the consistent temperature and reliability of the GeoKnight product line.

For more demanding production environments upgrading the DK20SP makes more sense. It will add to your production speed and make it easier on your employees as they do not have to reach up and close the clam shell every time. Fatigue is an important factor when you’re doing a large run!

The DK20SP is an air operated 16x20″ swing away heat press. That means:

  • an air compressor actually operates the raising and lowering of the press. All the operator does is push two buttons simultaneously on either site of the control pane to engage the pressure
  • swing away means that you swing the top of the press to the side rather than the clam shell’s up and down motion – easier to operate.

Direct to Garment Printer Ink | P30i and M2 Industrial Direct to Garment Printer

One of the benefits of using the M2 direct to garment printer AND the new M6 larger format direct to garment machine is that it prints beautiful, vibrant colors!

There’s a lot involved in create beautiful colors while printing on a garment – especially if you are trying to reproduce a customer logo or working with fashion designers for “fast fashion” applications, prototype designs and more.

P30i inks have been especially developed for the M series direct to garment printer from ColDesi (dtgprintermachine.com) and were carefully formulated to to work with our print engine, firmward and RIP software to produce the highest fidelity and more color accurate prints possible

More colors = better prints
Better prints = better profits

You can order P30i Inks from colmanandcompany.com.

Samples made with DTG M-Series