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DTG Printing Prices Guide

Right after “How much money can I make?” DTG Printing prices they can charge is the next question a custom t-shirt shop start-up asks.

“How do I price DTG printed t-shirts?”

The answer is $15. And $19.99. And it’s $25.00 and up.

Typically depending on the following criteria:

Let’s go through those and a few more options, and how they might affect your DTG printing prices.

DTG Printing vs Screen Printing and the Prices

It used to be that EVERY custom t-shirt job got compared with screen printing or silk-screened shirts. And that almost all the buyers of direct to garment printers (DTG) were screen printers expanding into digital.

So pricing your custom t-shirts depends mostly on how many colors there are in the design and what quantity you ordered.

But that was because every time you added a color into a custom t-shirt design, you added time and complexity to setting up the job.

A single-color text print could be done by just making a single screen. 2 colors were twice as hard. 4 colors 4x as difficult, etc.

And the more colorful/complex the design, the bigger a screen-printing press you might need to make it in the first place.

That’s why so many mass-produced shirts just have 1 color/tone graphic!

Since a lot of work goes into the setup of a screen-printing job, those printers usually charge a big setup fee or only accept larger jobs. And they spend a lot of time talking customers out of multi-color.