Choosing A T-Shirt Printer

T Shirt Printing Machine Models from ColDesi

Whether you call it a DTG Printer, direct to garment printers, garment printers or even inkjet screen printing machines, picking the right one for your business is vital. The videos below will give you a quick overview of the models of t shirt printing machines from ColDesi, so that’s a great place to start to help make your decision. Once you’ve picked a machine to investigate, just choose one of the links below to learn more. Take a look at the three DTG models below and pick out the right one for you!

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DTG Multihead M2

Here are the Top 5 reasons YOU should choose DTG!

1. You will Make More Money - Low Cost per Print .

Everyone pays about the same price for a blank t shirt. The key to profitability is in 2 things: what you can sell your t shirts for and what it costs you to make each one. The DTG M2 and M6 and our Ink Savers programs lead to such a low cost per print that making money is easy.

2. You will Make More Money – Low Interface Time

One of the biggest limitations of other brands of DTG printers and other technologies in general is their fixed platen system. That means you can only load one garment at a time, no matter what the size. One shirt one, print, take that shirt off, next one on, print. The M series of Direct to Garment Printers come with a flexible platen system that will allow you to print on up to FOUR shirts at once on the M2 and TWELVE at once on the M6! Load your shirts, then go make a sale, do an invoice, create your next winning graphic because your next set of shirts is already ready to go – the next 2, 4 or 12 shirts is already on the next set of platens, so just take the entire platen off the M2, place the next set on and print again.

3. You will Make More Money - Highest Quality Prints

There is not a shirt printing machine on the market that will produce a more vibrant, colorful, high quality print than the DTG brand products. Will your next job be decided on how good the t shirt looks when it’s printed? YOU WIN! You can even offer higher quality prints as an option and up charge.

4. You will Make More Money – Bigger Prints = Bigger Profits

The M Series DTG Printer line has the largest print area of any other direct to garment printer. That means that you can offer variable sized graphics; big standard prints, bigger for XL, even bigger for 2XL – all the way up to 16.5 x 24”!

5. You will Make More Money – More “Up Time"

Training, Support, Warranty you simply cannot be successful without know how to run and maintain your equipment properly. ColDesi has the most advance training, and training options, in the business. We have over 350 – 4 Star and 5 Star customer reviews on our support, equipment and sales team. You can read those here.

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