M2 POD2 Multihead

Supercharge Your DTG Printer Return on Investment (ROI)

Double Your Production, More than Double your Profits

The modular, multi head M2 configuration (POD 2) allows you to double the number of custom t shirts you can print per hour. Clearly if 1 machine can print 2 or 4 shirts at once, 2 machines can print 4 or 8 shirts at the same time. But the ROI possibilities for rapid return on investment don’t end with 2X production.

Because of its removable platen system, a POD 2 can typically be operated by just one person.

One person running 2 machines. One person producing multiple shirts. One person with dramatically higher productivity. Lower labor cost per shirt. More profits.

You can drastically increase the number of shirts per hour you can print while keeping labor costs low.

Industrial Direct to Garment Printers at a Lower Cost

Multi-head Industrial Direct to Garment printing systems are incredibly cost effective to purchase up front.

When you buy a multihead embroidery machine one of the biggest advantages is your cost per head is much lower that buying 1 single head. Your ability to buy 2 machines industrial direct to garment printers at once reduces your overall cost per machine. The typical M2 Multihead bundle like the POD 2 comes with everything you need to operate 2 machines at full capacity at a significant savings over buying just one at a time.

The lower cost of acquisition plus the added output and comparative labor cost per shirt all add up to outstanding, fast ROI!

Lower Cost Per Print than ANY other T Shirt Printer

You WILL save on every print vs any other direct to garment printer on the market. Every POD system comes with our RIP Pro C6 software which allows ultimate control over how much ink is laid down to produce the lowest cost for the best image.

Also, one of the long term benefits of the Multihead dtg systems is that your inks are purchased at a lower cost.  You’ll automatically qualify for our Ink Savers Pro program which gives you a per print cost as little as 1/3 the price of other brands like Brother DTG, Epson DTG and Anajet.

Combining 2 or more dtg printers minimizes labor costs, gives higher efficiency, and saves shop space. Why not boost the money you get back on your investment each month by paying less per print and doubling your output.

Payroll and overhead expenses are hands down the largest costs most businesses face. The POD 2 configuration spreads those costs out over multiple printers.  This effectively cuts those costs in half per dtg printer when compared to a single dtg printer purchase.

When it comes to bidding production jobs and challenging your competitors, the lower costs per print of the POD 2 Multihead DTG printer system will allow you to win more jobs.

You compete on a higher level and will keep your equipment busy while others wonder why they didn’t win.  Dividing your labor and overhead expenses in half is what makes the difference between small time shops and serious business owners who play at a higher level.

Maximize Profits Through the Flexibility of Networked DTG Printers

The Multihead M2 is the best direct to garment printer for high volume printers.

As your business grows and workload increases additional M2 machines get dropped in place to expand your business exponentially. With the POD2 configuration, each M2 DTG printer is controlled from a single computer station. Plus, the operator HAS total control over each machine’s output channels using the included Rip Pro C6 software.

At the beginning of the day, or as workflow changes, the operator or business owner can automatically stage their production for the day in the included Raster Image Processor (RIP). The Rip Pro C6 Software handles large Photoshop® files with ease as well as many other image formats.

The software allows job duplication, rotation, mirroring, scaling and soft-proofing with visual previews that simulate what each print will look like on the garment or textile of your choice. In addition job costing allows business owners to KNOW where they stand on a job, and allows shop managers to manage their ink inventory better.

Multihead M2 matches your equipment capabilities to your workload.

Pre-Loading and staging of garments on the M2 was designed from the ground up to be smarter

The included Rip Pro C6 software has “hot folders” that can be set up to allow artwork to flow in from multiple sources.  All that processed artwork flows into the unique single window visual interface where job staging is handled.

Job staging is done automatically or on the fly to maximize efficiency.

Using the “Drag and Drop” interface, the software sends a stream of optimized jobs to each dtg printer in the multihead network.  EACH SIDE of the t shirt printing machines are controlled independently which allows printing up to 4 jobs at once.

Pre-loading of platens, flexibility of production, and automatic job staging maximizes your return on investment.  The Pod 2 system increases shirt output efficiency in the same way that additional drive through lanes does.

Higher Output and Greater Efficiency of Multihead DTG

Comparing the Practical Advantages of Leasing More M2 DTG Printers

Multiple M2 T Shirt Printing Machines deliver the industry’s most advanced print platform – engineered specifically for textile applications and for higher output.

But don’t forget, single output dtg systems have a fatal flaw, If the machine goes down, your business is dead in the water.  Not so with an M2 networked multihead system.

No matter what comes, with the built in redundancy of the M2 POD 2 system, your business keeps flowing.   Also, you never need to wait around, or hope for a technician to show up to keep your promised deadlines.

The New 2017 DTG M2 T Shirt Printer sets new standards for speed and output. It does this at monthly leasing rates that make it more practical than any used dtg printer for sale.  Call today to check out our great lease rates to compare before buying anything else.

Routine maintenance or routine ink changes do not stop production.

Multihead Networked M2 DTG Printers Give Peace of Mind

The Best DTG Printer with Quality Components and the Support you need.

Not only does the M2 give you the lowest cost per print when compared to the Epson, Anajet, or Brother dtg printers, but the machine is built better in every way.

Also, the platens are designed to swap out in mere seconds to get the next run of shirts going. 

Each M2 in the POD 2 configurations has two powerful industrial servo motors to control the precision movement of the print carriage.  Precise movement is guaranteed through industrial steel linear bearings and high quality metal gears (NOT plastic as in some machines).  The solid steel rail-guided transport system allows each dtg printer to hold even the heaviest of garments.

Each of the M2 printers in the POD 2 configuration sport 1,440 dots per inch quality. That’s over 3,000 dots MORE than the Brother GT 381 machine per shirt front.  Also, there is a single encoder strip running across the long M2 print area which maintains perfect registration over distance so the machine always knows the position of the print carriage.

Each drop of ink is placed exactly where the operator wants it.

Lastly, all this quality is backed up with the #1 support team in the industry.

There are hundreds of hours of helpful content, unlimited training & support. It’s easy to see that when you are looking for the best dtg printer system for sale you can’t beat the peace of mind that leasing a new POD 2 system from ColDesi, Inc. is the best way to go.

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