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Higher Quality = Higher Margins


Digital Garment Printing gives you flexibility that traditional garment decoration, like screen printing, never had. In many cases, that flexibility hasn’t shown up in the price lists or the bottom lines of digital printers simply because they haven’t made it a part of their business model.

As an M2 or M6 DTG Printer owner, you can capitalize on that flexibility and make more money right away!

Beating the Competition with Higher Quality Options – More Color

Have you ever tried to have a multicolor image printed by a business that relies on screen printing or vinyl cutting only to produce their shirts? The dominant conversation isn’t about how beautiful the print will be. It’s how few colors can we print.

It’s in the screen printer or vinyl cutter’s best interest to reduce the number of colors as much as possible. The fewer screens they have to burn, the lower the cost and faster it is to set up the job. A conversation that starts with “I want to get 24 shirts with this logo printed on it by Friday” may easily end up turning to “You can get this 2 color version for this price”.

Direct to garment printers require little or no labor or materials to set up a job no matter what the number of colors is. However, many t shirt shops are still selling to their customers like it’s a screen printing job, even if they’ve already added a digital option. The flexibility of DTG, including higher quality full color standards, haven’t made it into their conversation, bottom line, price list or profits.

There is no better looking printed t shirt than the ones that can be produced with the DTG Digital product line – the M2 and M6 Industrial Direct to Garment Printers. Every print can be as beautifully high resolution as the image your customer wants to print.

When you embrace digital garment production, that same conversation that starts with “I want to get 24 shirts with this logo printed on it by Friday” will end up with “Can you come back tomorrow and pick them up?”.

That conversation is even better if they’re comparing your approach to the printer in the first scenario talking about reducing colors!

Because you offer higher quality, full color options you will get more business like this – and you can charge more per shirt than the 2 color options from down the street.

…that’s not even including other native DTG options like variable sizes and variable data – “Why don’t we print each person’s name on the their shirt too?”

Beating the Competition with Higher Quality Options – Better Prints

Here it is again:

There is no better looking printed t shirt than the ones that can be produced with the DTG Digital product line – the M2 and M6 Industrial Direct to Garment Printers. Every print can be as beautifully high resolution as the image your customer wants to print.

But the quality is SCALABLE, which gives you a great opportunity for profits. How you approach it is based on your business model.

Option 1

All Highest Quality – All the Time

The M2 is THE most profitable direct to garment printer on the market. There are many reasons for that that you can find in other places on this website, but one of the biggest ones is a LOW cost per print.

Because of that low cost per print you can do 2 things:

  1. Offer a full resolution BEAUTIFUL image that looks better than anything else on the market every time for less money than the competition
  2. Make the best quality print, most BEAUTIFUL image a standard part of your offering, and charge more for it because it looks amazing.

This approach will make you more profits on each shirt, but you’ll have to earn it.

You’ll earn that extra profit by having comparison shirts – from your competition if possible – on hand to show the difference in print quality.

You’ll earn it by having an AMAZING sample print. A photograph works great. If not, then an eye popping colorful cartoon graphic.

You’ll work for it too, because better quality takes a little longer to print and more ink to do it, and you’ll need to communicate that in a way that your customer will understand and appreciate.

Option 2

Charging More for Higher Quality Option

Every M2 and M6 printer comes with RipPRO, a RIP software that’s job is to translate the language of the graphic artist or image into something that the DTG printer turns into a printed shirt.

RIPPro has a selection of standard print queue’s, or set of instructions, based on what quality you want to produce. The simplest way to describe this is with Resolution numbers.

One print mode might be Graphics Best – Dark Shirt. The resolutions settings for that are 1140×760. This mode is what you would use for your Art prints or Beauty prints.

The next print mode is more for high volume production and the resolution would be 760×760. It’s about twice as fast to print a shirt in production mode than in “art” mode.

Production mode will still look great and is a better quality than your customers are used to seeing in retail stores and better than what’s produced by most of your competition. You can feel good about offering this mode to your customers because the M2’s production mode is going to look better than other printers anyway. This mode is faster to print and uses less ink, so your labor and supply costs are less.

Show a sample shirt printed in production mode. Get your customers verbal approval or agreement that this looks good and it’s perfect for what they want to produce.

Then show them the same product (best with a pictures or high end graphic) done in Art or High Quality Mode.

Let them say “WOW” for a minute.

Then describe the difference in time it takes and the amount of ink to produce it and offer it to them for a few dollars more per shirt.

You might also have 2 different sample images on your website if that’s your primary business driver. But it works even better in person.

Not everyone will say yes to, or needs the higher quality mode, but it’s an option that you can offer that no one else will. It sets you apart and will earn you MORE PROFITS!

Higher Quality T Shirt Printing = Higher Profits

The amount you can charge for your custom t shirts depends on many factors including your niche market and your local competition. But having the option to print the best quality, and having the conversation about quality options with your customers instead of color reduction, production times and how low you can go on price, gives you the ability to make more money!

Create residual income by bringing your customers back time after time with DTG’s mind blowing print quality!

Big Print = Big Money

The M2 will print up to 16.5 x 24″ images. That’s more than 25% larger than the competition WITH optional platens. Offer bigger prints for XL… and the M6 prints even BIGGER.


People will pay for beautiful graphics and there’s no question the DTG M2 and M6 print the most beautiful images in the business. Better quality prints = better margins.

Lowest Cost Per Print

Learn how DTG’s removable platen system and ability to print up to 4 shirts at once makes all the difference to your wallet. It not JUST about how many shirts you can print in an hour.

Earn substantial benefits and profits from the Proven DTG G4 printers.

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