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BIG Prints =
BIG Money


Digital Garment Printing Profits
BIG Prints = BIG Money

The average American woman wears a Size 16, according to research done last year at Washington State University. A simple walk around a shopping mall in your area will show that an XL t shirt is the norm for most men.

The typical graphic on a custom t shirt is 10” x 12” and looks amazing on a small t shirt, good on a medium t shirt – and TINY on a Large, XL, XXL and bigger.

Why do we do this to people?

Look at this video clip and see how different graphic sizes look at different size custom t shirts…

Why T-Shirt Printers Don’t Print BIG

Screen Printing

The custom t shirt business was dominated by screen printers for decades and the business evolved to take advantage of that technology.

Graphic size variations in an order for 100 shirts – one size for small, one for medium and one for large, this example, would cost 3 times the money to set up in both time and materials. So a screen printer would pick a standard size and the customer would never know there are options.

A 4 color job means that you need to make 4 screens. Those screens have a fixed size image on them, so you if you want to offer 2 sizes you now need 8 screens – 3 sizes? Now it’s 12 screens.

That is just not a profitable scenario for a screen printer.

Most Digital Printing

Every piece of equipment and basic technology has its pros and cons. If you have a screen printing system you maximize your profits one way, sublimation, another way. Direct to garment printers are not all made alike and that equipment difference is revealed in graphic sizes offered as well.

The Epson, Brother, Anajet and indeed almost every DTG Printer on the market comes able to print graphics up to 14” x 16”, one at a time. So, can you guess what the maximum size print they’ll offer a customer is? In each of these products you can purchase an additional platen that will allow up to almost a 16’’ x 20” print – but few companies do.

They do not purchase the larger platen and try to print bigger graphics for several reasons:

  1. They use a fixed platen. That means if they want to go from printing a 12” x 10” print to a 16” x 20 inch print they have to unscrew the platen that’s on the machine and screw in the bigger one.
  2. It doesn’t fit the screen printing model their business is following – offering one size fits all.
  3. Cost of ink rises in relationship to the size of the graphic and their cost per print just gets too high.
  4. They don’t HAVE to. Since so few companies offer proportional printing and can accommodate XL and up sizes there’s little competitive pressure to force them to offer bigger prints.

Transfer Printing

Just a note about printing transfers and sublimation – both are usually limited to the size of the paper their printer can handle. That caps their size offering to 11″ X 17” (actually about 10″ x 16″) so bigger sizes are not even an option.

The M Series, Printing BIG and Profitability

The M2 industrial direct to garment printer will easily print 2 shirts with 11” x 16” graphics at the same time. That’s fast, efficient and is another reason it’s the most profitable direct to garment printer on the market.

The M2 will also print up to a 16” x 24” image right out of the box. The M6 will print almost TWICE that size or smaller images on up to 12 shirts at a time. The M Series uses removable platens, and that makes changing from one configuration to another a breeze.

30 shirts with a 10” x 12” graphic, 30 shirts with a 16” and 30 with a 24” image on them all in one order is not only do-able — it’s simple AND very profitable!

How do BIG Prints = BIG Profit?

The level of flexibility offered by the capabilities of the M series for print size and the and lower cost per print help your business win more profits in 2 ways:

  1. Exclusivity – you will likely be the ONLY custom apparel business in your market area or niche that offers great looking prints on larger sized garments. Exclusivity means that you’ll win more new business by offering those sizes AND will maintain business because your one of the few people offering that particular product. Exclusivity = Profitability.
  2. Up Charges – Just because you CAN print larger doesn’t mean you have to. Show your customers an option of the standard size. Show them what it looks like on a Medium shirt. Show them what it looks like on a Large or XL shirt. THEN show them what that BIG graphic looks like on an XL or bigger shirt. Price the bigger one accordingly so if they do choose to enlarge the graphics, your profits get exponentially bigger too!

Why the M2 Make More Profits

Flexibility in the size of the image and in the size of the garment you can print on.

The larger you can print an image and the larger the shirt you can print, on the more money you can make per job. There is not more flexible printer brand than DTG Digital and the M2 printers in it.


Learn how DTG’s removable platen system and ability to print up to 4 shirts at once makes all the difference to your wallet. It not JUST about how many shirts you can print in an hour.

Higher Quality = Higher Margins

People will pay for beautiful graphics and there’s no question the DTG M2 print the most beautiful images in the business. Better quality prints = better margins.

Lowest Cost Per Print

Cost per print is one of the biggest drivers of profit for your business. The DTG digital garment printers can print at half the cost of other direct to garment brand printers.

Learn more about printing big or making more money with DTG brand printers.

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