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DTG Printing Prices Guide

Right after “How much money can I make?” DTG Printing prices they can charge is the next question a custom t-shirt shop start-up asks. “How do I price DTG printed t-shirts?” The answer is $15. And $19.99. And it’s $25.00 and up. Typically depending on the following criteria: Your Niche or Local Market [what the market […]

Develop Your Business With Profits in Mind

We want to dive into how to make your business profitable, by talking with author Mike Michalowicz. Mike wrote the book on how to achieve success in the industry by focusing on profits first.

Managing Your Time as an Apparel Business Owner

We can’t prove that you do have time. But we’re going to tell you that you can prove it. We make time in our lives for the most important things all the time. That might be your business, your children, or your hobbies. As an example, there’s a sports star you love to watch play. […]

Custom Photo Pillowcases on the DTG G4 Printer

As we shared with you earlier, your DTG G4 is not just about printing on garments, we printed on some rally towels and showed how easy to do and profitable they can be. Another idea of a non-garment application of your G4 is custom printed photo pillowcases.

The Science of Upselling | The Best Ways to Talk to Your Customers

As a business owner, you’re probably always looking out for great for marketing and business books. And, there’s a great book that you may want to check out.  In the book “Influence” by Robert Cialdini, he talks about the psychology of persuasion, which is not manipulation. Throughout our 3-part series on upselling, we’ve avoided the […]

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