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Right-sizing Your Artwork for Digital Printing

Using the 8-10-12 Principal takes advantage of digital t-shirt printing’s ability to easily scale your artwork to match the t-shirt size. And that means happy customers and more profits for your business… if you do it correctly.

T-Shirt Design Software | Making T-Shirt Graphics for DTG Printing

If you’re just starting with DTG, you might be unsure about a few things… What software to use? How long will it take to learn? Do I have to be an Artist? What if I’m not very creative? Is that software free, or is it going to have to cost you an arm and a […]

Events and Shows – 10 Tips for Getting the Most from Events

Whatever your niche market, whether custom t-shirts or embroidery or sports, we can guarantee they have a show or live event. The people at those shows are planning to come away with a purchase, whether it’s food, apparel, art, etc.

You’re there hoping to earn some business, both at the show and in the future.

Here, we’ve put together a list of the top ten things you should do at events to earn more business.

Use Custom T-shirt Tags To Crank Up Your Sales Volume

Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket So, Why would you want to consider custom t-shirt tags on your custom designs?  Simply put, extra SALES! As a garment decorator, it’s easy to misunderstand the importance of what offering custom t-shirt tags can offer. Often the decorator understands this.  Their focus is to label their […]

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