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DTG-DTF vs. High Volume Direct to Film Printers

Doing DTF with a DTG If you found this informational post, you probably already know what DTF with a DTG means, but let’s go through a quick definition first just in case. The “DTF” part of DTF with a DTG stands for Direct to Film. In the customization and custom t-shirt business that means printing […]

How To Print on Tote Bags | DTG G4

DTG Printing is our new favorite way to decorate cotton tote bags. The Kodak Inks on the DTG G4 are super vibrant and create the most beautiful, finished product. For this project we are decorated five custom tote bags for a bridal party. The designs are cohesive yet are unique with each bridesmaid’s name. The […]

4 Most Common DTG Printing Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

If you are a custom t-shirt Printer who using using DTG equipment as one of your printing methods,  you may run into DTG mistakes you would rather avoid. DTG Printing is without a doubt one of the easiest ways to produce high-quality, ultra-custom apparel quickly. This isn’t a transfer system, meaning this machine actually prints […]

Printers for T Shirts | What’s the Best Type to Choose?

Looking for printers for t shirts for your own business is like looking for a new phone, new computer or a new car. There are a lot of options, a lot of similarities, AND a few compelling reasons to choose one over the other. Digital Garment Printers (also Direct to Garment) White Toner Transfer Printing […]

DTG Printing Prices Guide

Right after “How much money can I make?” DTG Printing prices they can charge is the next question a custom t-shirt shop start-up asks. “How do I price DTG printed t-shirts?” The answer is $15. And $19.99. And it’s $25.00 and up. Typically depending on the following criteria: Your Niche or Local Market [what the market […]

How does DTG T-Shirt Printing compare to Sublimation Printing?

DTG vs Sublimation DTG t-shirt printing is how most of the big custom t-shirt businesses online print their shirts. But sublimation printing is also VERY popular, especially for startup custom apparel printers and embroidery or heat transfer vinyl shops wanting to expand. In this article, we’re going to help you decide which is right for […]

Commercial Garment Printers

Commercial Garment Printers vs Consumer T-Shirt Machines What makes commercial direct to garment printers different? If you’ve been looking to purchase a professional garment printer, you might be asking yourself “Why is it so expensive?”  -At least when you compare a professional printer to a smaller consumer t-shirt  machine.  Of course, “expensive” depends on what […]

Digital Shirt Printers for T-Shirts and Clothing

Who Is Digital T-shirt Printing Good For? Customized t-shirts and other clothing is now a BIG business. But you don’t have to be a big company to get in on the profits. That’s because digital shirt printers have gotten just cheap enough to be a good option for home based businesses. It used to be […]

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