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Reconditioned Used Direct to Garment Printers

How Reliable is a Used DTG Brand Direct to Garment Printer

ColDesi goes through an EXTENSIVE reconditioning process on any DTG brand direct to garment printer for sale from our company. Our service department goes through each component, checks for wear and replaces parts when necessary so you are certain to get a great quality, completely operational t shirt printing machine for your business.
In fact, ColDesi offers a FULL ONE YEAR warranty on every used garment printer we sell!

How Much is a Used Direct to Garment Printer?

The average price range for a used direct to garment printer is between $15,000 and $20,000 USD. BUT, our inventory changes on a daily basis as older DTG Printers are traded in for even newer and higher capacity direct to garment printers, and our costs to refurbish those trade ins vary widely. In order to answer your question specifically, you will need to contact our dedicated sales staff today.

Used DTG Printer for Sale

Refurbishing a DTG Printer