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About our DTG Printer Gallery Images

T Shirt Printing Machine Sample Gallery

Welcome to the gallery! These are all images created on one of our t-shirt printing machines, properly called direct-to-garment-printers or DTG printers. The direct to garment printers from ColDesi all print high quality images using advanced inkjet printing technologies, and all print with White Ink.

Why is using a t shirt printing machine with white ink important?

That layer of white ink is what allows such vibrant printing onto dark colored garments. As you look through these images, notice how many are printed on dark t shirts, and what an amazing impact those images have. This is only possible with a t shirt printer like the DTG Viper, M2 or M4. Now that your here, take a moment to Share, Tweet, G+ or Pin these images, or use the Email button to send a link to your partners, friends and potential customers!