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The DTG Brand of direct to garment printers is always at the vanguard of printing technology and has a history of producing reliable, high quality equipment that is designed to help launch your custom t shirt business and keep it printing successfully over time. The Viper2 is the latest in the DTG product line and debuts new features and characteristics that were developed with YOU in mind.

  • Multi-shirt Printing – the Viper2 uses the patented 4-2-1 platen system that makes each of the DTG product line more cost effective than any other direct to garment printer. Print 1, 2 or even 4 garments at the same time!
  • Large Print Size – the Viper2 will print up to 24″ x 16″ prints, giving it one of the largest print areas in the business
  • Doorway DimensionsDTG has managed to get a brand new advanced print engine and multiple platen printing system in a space saving design. At just over 31″ wide, the Viper2 will fit through a standard doorway, perfect for home or small office use and mall kiosks.
  • New Cartridge Based Ink System – many of today’s DTG printers have migrated towards cartridge-based inks, and Viper2 has added this capability as well. Cartridges are clean, easy to care for ink containers that help make Viper2 ideal for any environment.
  • Quiet Operation – once again designed with you in mind, the Viper2 is quiet enough to operate right in 
your home office or anywhere it’s 31.29″ by 50″ profile will fit.


Latest Generation Print Head Technology

The Viper2 one inch wide, high performance piezoelectric print head has 180 nozzles per channel with an ink repelling coating that’s now standard on all DTG garment printers. The all new 8 channel piezoelectric print head utilizes a constant re-circulation and pressurization ink system and is capable of handling 8 colors – 4 channels of white plus CMYK. The DTG Viper2 has less clogging and ink starvation due to its internal pressurized ink delivery system. Coupled with a pressure release damper/filter throughout the entire ink path which results in superior prints with outstanding color vibrancy.


Auto Registration and Flexibility

With the DTG Viper2 you can load garments that will auto register for perfect white and color prints time and again. The DTG Viper2 is also flexible in that finished garments can either be returned to the front of the machine (if you are operating in a tight area) or can be ejected to the rear of the printer for faster loading, unloading and all around production throughput. APCP (Active Print Head Collision Protection)By Incorporating precision culminated light beam detection sensors, anything getting in the way of the print path is automatically detected and the active drive system will drop the pallet while printing, ensuring that head strikes are drastically reduced while still maintaining your prints.


PEP (Positioning Encoder Protection) Ink Mist Extraction Fan

A low noise, high performance axial fan is mounted and sealed in a position so that ink mist is trapped prior to settling over your encoder strips. Most machines suck ink mist over these vital parts whereas the DTG VIPER2 encapsulates the misting and overspray in a sealed compartment which is easily extracted before it gets in the road!


DTG Printer Pricing

The Viper2 is currently in VERY low supply!
Please visit the DTG M2 page for price and availability on DTG Brand Products

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Machine Size: 50″ L x 31.29″ W x 18.89″
Machine Weight: 167 lbs (Crated weight will vary)
Print Area: Extra Large – 24.21″ x 16.39″ (615 x 415 mm) – 1 up
Large – 16.39″ x 11.22″ (415 x 285 mm) – 2 up
Medium – 11.22″ x 7.28″ (285 x 185 mm) – 4 up
Resolution: 1440 x 1440 dpi
Color: 8 Channel (Dual CMYK or 4 White plus CMYK)
CMYK Ink Delivery: Cartridge – pressurized CMYK, Cartridge – pressurized white
Consumption: 55W or less, Standby 5W Off 1W
Print Head: Piezo 180 nozzles per channel
Platen: 4 – 2 – 1 platen system
Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 8, Vista
Electric: AC 110-240V, 50-60Hz 10A