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DTG prides itself with the ability of being one of the versatile printers on the market. DTG printing machines are designed with the ability to change out platens allowing for a variety of items to be printed. DTG machine’s platens give you the ability to expand your business; print on hats, shirts, extra large shirts, bath towels, toddler clothes, golf towels, hats, sleeve graphics, hoodies, pillow cases and more.

The DTG M-Series bed in standard configuration supports two standard shirts with a unique bridge to allow extra wide prints to a maximum of 24”x17.7 print graphic. s are completely flexible with a multitude of Tucloc Platen options to chose from The stainless steel metal platens are easily clicked in to place without the use tools or extra moving parts. Garments are easily centered and tucked in to the top and sides of the platen without using hoops or frames or belts. The TucLoc platens accommodates fabrics thick or thin and secures items easily in to place removing wrinkles providing a smooth surface for print.

DTG M2 Direct to Garment Printer Platen Options

DTG Viper Jumbo 16x20

DTG Viper Sleeve Dual

DTG Viper Zippered Hoodie 10.5x13
( M2 Version Available)

DTG M2 Chest Dual 6x6.5

DTG M2 Sleeve Dual 4.25x16.5

DTG M2 Toddler Dual 7.5x10

DTG M2 Youth 10.5x13